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Hisense A7 CC Color E INK Smartphone with Google Play

Hisense A7 CC Color E INK Smartphone with Google Play

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The Hisense A7 CC  is a 6.7 inch Color E INK Smartphone with Android 10. It is employing the second generation E INK Kaleido technology. What does this new technology bring to the table? The refresh rate on color will be as fast as B&W e-paper. There will be improved color saturation and contrast performance and reduced graininess. E INK has also adjusted their waveforms for faster refresh rates.

The Hisense A7 CC is a brand new Android 10 color E INK smartphone. It has a giant 6.7 inch screen, and is designed to be an e-reader, so you can read ebooks, listen audiobooks and podcasts, while on the go.

The Hisense A7 CC will feature a 6.7 inch E INK Carta HD display and a second generation Kaleido color filter array. The resolution on the B&W panel will be 300 PPI, the exact PPI on the CFA is unknown. It will have a new front-lit display to read in the dark. Hisense developed a new feature called Reading Mode. It will disable all notifications, emails and popups. You can switch between landscape and portrait mode, which is great. It has a new dynamic refresh mode, to eliminate ghosting. You have two different modes, clear mode, which is geared towards reading and speed mode, which is geared towards internet browsing, animations and apps.

Underneath the hood is a Unisoc Tiger T7510 quad core 2 GHZ processor, 6GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack to listen to music or podcasts, but also a speaker. It has a HIFI amplifier, and Hisense has said this is the best sounding speaker they made on an E INK phone. It is 33% louder than the A5 Pro. You can charge the A7 with the USB-C port and plug it into your computer or a wall charger. It has a giant 4770 mAh battery and has quick charging. There is a fingerprint scanner on the back to help keep it secure and also Face Unlock with the front facing camera. There is a button on the side, that is a quick key and can be mapped to do many different things, such as screenshots, launching an app, screen refreshing or anything else.

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